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End of Season Tournament Brackets (C, D, & E)

Updates are being made for the EOS Tournament dates. Stay up to date with all changes using the TourneyMachine app. Search "2019 PSSA End of Season Tournament" within the app to locate your bracket.

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PSSA Board Election Results

Congrats to PSSA's incoming/newly elected board members!

Commissioner - Mark Fiorello

Secretary - Jay Box

Competition Coordinator - Brock Sishc

Public Relations Coordinator - Run-Off Election Needed:
John Terrell
Brandon Woodfork

Run-off election dates TBD
(run-off candidate profiles below)

Candidate for Public Relations Coordinator - John Terrell

I have been a member of PSSA for 10 years.  While in the league, I have played and coached at multiple levels.  Currently I coach the Thunder Kitties in E and play on Woody's Wreckin' Crew in C.  I believe this experience gives me a fair voice when it comes to board decisions.

Outside of PSSA, I work in information security for Medical City Healthcare.  Prior to this position I was the website administrator.  My responsibilities included updating all of the facility websites and coordinating with marketing on a daily basis.

If elected to the Public Relations Coordinator position I would ensure the PSSA website is updated as quickly and as accurately as possible.  I would make sure every team in the league has fair representation to assist in their fundraising efforts.  Promotion of league sponsors, news, and events is very important to me.

Candidate for Public Relations Coordinator - Brandon Woodfork

My name is Brandon Woodfork, and I have been in the Dallas area about 2 years. I relocated to Dallas from New Orleans, LA where I began playing softball under the NAGAAA organization. While in New Orleans, I was able to contribute to the league board as both a team manager and team coach. The past 7 years have truly been an enjoyable experience for me. When I moved to Dallas I committed to get more involved in league activities. Most recently, I served as the 2019 Big D Easter Bonnet Classic Tournament Director. Ultimately, I felt this was a good way for me to give back to the league as so many people before me contributed to my enjoyment of softball. I am running for the Public Relations Coordinator position to further share a great softball experience to both new and existing PSSA members.

Meet your 2019 Miss PSSA...

Congratulations to Miss Carla Asada of the JR's Kiki, the reigning Miss PSSA! 



2019 PSSA Schedule is NOW live!

League Photos

PSSA Mission Statement

Pegasus Slowpitch Softball Association is a Dallas based non profit organization dedicated to the promotion of quality amateur softball of all levels of play for persons of any race, creed, religion, sex or national origin, without prejudice, and with special emphasis placed on the participation of members of the gay community. The goal of the league is to provide a sports outlet for individuals as a means to meet like-minded people, improve their athletic abilities, promote good sportsmanship and organize and promote participation by its' members in social, cultural and charitable activities as may serve our community. We are committed to continued growth of our league, not only in number, but also in striving to give back to our community.