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Pins for PSSA

Hello PSSA friends, family and supporters. If you haven’t heard there is a small fundraiser for the Wings Fund PSSA called PINS FOR PSSA. A PSSA member has designed this one of a kind enamel pin to help raise funds for those in need within the PSSA organization. There is one final push to sell the pins before summer hits full swing and they take a break for a bit. There is a flash sale going on for the final two weeks and the pins are limited. Go get yours today for a great deal at !




PSSA Members:

Based upon the current situation, the board spent most of the meeting last night working through what a continuation of our spring season in the fall would be.  Bear with me as this may be a long email, but we are relaying a lot of information at one time.

First, every member from the spring season will have a decision to make concerning playing in the Fall or not.  Each member must declare their intent for which of the 4 options below they would like to implement by 5 PM on July 31st, 2020 via an email to

  1. Continue your spring membership into the fall season based on the rules itemized later in this email.  No additional registration will be needed and your spring fee will cover the season.
  2. If you choose not to play in the fall, you can opt for one of the following three options.  The funds in each option are based on prorating the $105 fee with 4 of the normal 16 games already played.  That means $75 would be the prorated amount available.  The options are:
    1. Donate your $75 to one of 4 501(c)3 beneficiaries (Wings Fund, Resource Center Dallas, Black Lives Matter or PSSA)
    2. Receive a $75 credit towards the Spring 2021 season (non-transferable and only applicable to Spring 2021)
    3. Take a $65 refund via the payment method you used in registration

Next, The Fall season will essentially be its own stand-alone season with the typical structure we use in the Spring.  Teams will form themselves and we will follow all Spring 2020 rules with the following exceptions:

  1. No GSWS bids will be available in the fall season.  We will simply be playing for trophies, fun and pride.
  2. Rosters will be fully open all season, with no freeze date.  Teams are free to dissolve and reform prior to the start of this new season (tentatively set for 9/13).
  3. Rosters for the start of the season will be due to by 8/30 at 5 PM.
  4. Teams must declare their intent to field a team in the Fall season to by 8/15 at 5 PM
  5. We will hold one field day in mid to late August to help teams find players
  6. New member registration will open sometime in the late summary with fees set at $75
  7. Uniform requirements will be significantly relaxed.  We will only require a shirt with a number, not matching uniforms.  Metal cleats are still banned.
  8. Pick a stick will still be used.
  9. No EOS will be played and the season will be based on 12 games per team.
  10. PSSA has allocated space for 4 additional recreational teams to be added with new players if needed to ensure all players find a team (shirts will be provided similar to fall ball)
  11. B teams will play within the C division if they choose to play
  12. Ratings will be enforced using the EOS Protest Procedures in the Spring 2020 rules with the fees altered to be $50 for the first question and $25 for each additional question protested.  All other procedures within that EOS Protest appendix would remain the same.  Any rating changed during a protest in the fall season will carry over to the following Spring season.
  13. PSSA will host a welcome back party to kick off the season (tentatively set for 8/30) at Woody’s, a combined Miss PSSA / Switch Hitters fundraiser at the Round Up, a homecoming fundraiser at the Hidden Door and an awards ceremony at a Caven bar to support our charities and our sponsor bars.  Proceeds from fundraisers will go to Wings Fund, Resource Center Dallas and one charity to be chosen later between Black Lives Matter or some other Black LGBT oriented 501(c)3.
  14. Miss PSSA / Switch Hitters will not follow traditional rules.  Teams are not required to participate, but we are also opening it up to entries being across all members of the league.  You can have more than one participant from each team if you wish and Switch Hitters performances can include members of different teams in one skit.
  15. Extra Innings opportunities will still be available for teams to schedule once our calendar is more firmly set.

Finally, the league reserves the right for additional changes to all of this as the situation continues to evolve.  Dates are slow to be set right now as the city is not in a position to make any dates firm at this time.  We are working closely with the city to set our schedule as soon as we possibly can. 

If you wish to see the results of the survey, they can be found on below.

Thank you and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Mark Fiorello

Commissioner PSSA




The nomination period has now closed for the 2020 board election.  The candidates for board positions are:

Assistant Commissioner - Scott Callahan

Treasurer - Dustin Abercrombie

Events Coordinator - Wes Irvan & Joshua Williams

Recruitment Coordinator - Aaron Conger & Troy Steakley

Sponsorship Coordinator - WC McClendon & Lance Withrow

Competition Coordinator (1 year term) - Mike Ferrera & Chase Migliore

Elections for the Board of Directors will be held electronically July 17-31. 

Additional information can be found here

NAGAAA / NBA Partnership

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PSSA Mission Statement

Pegasus Slowpitch Softball Association is a Dallas based non profit organization dedicated to the promotion of quality amateur softball of all levels of play for persons of any race, creed, religion, sex or national origin, without prejudice, and with special emphasis placed on the participation of members of the gay community. The goal of the league is to provide a sports outlet for individuals as a means to meet like-minded people, improve their athletic abilities, promote good sportsmanship and organize and promote participation by its' members in social, cultural and charitable activities as may serve our community. We are committed to continued growth of our league, not only in number, but also in striving to give back to our community.