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Are you interested in getting involved in the leadership of PSSA? The nomination period has been extended to June 30th for the 2020 board election! Current nominees are:

Assistant Commissioner - Scott Callahan

Treasurer - Dustin Abercrombie

Events Coordinator - No nominee to date

Recruitment Coordinator - Aaron Conger

Sponsorship Coordinator - WC McClendon

Competition Coordinator (1 year term) - Mike Ferrera & Chase Migliore

Elections for the Board of Directors will be held electronically July 17-31. If you wish to submit your name, email

Additional information can be found here


 SPRING 2020 SEASON, 05/15/2020

Last night, the board made the difficult decision to move the remainder of our spring 2020 season to the fall.  This decision was prompted and informed by the survey that so many of you took the time to answer concerning COVID-19 (results linked below).

In that survey, almost half of the league expressed that they would not be comfortable returning to the fields prior to July and 38% said they would not be comfortable until at least the fall.  We also had 22% identify themselves as high risk, with additional comments provided from those who said they were not personally, but had household members who were.

A decision from NAGAAA concerning the status of the GSWS will come around 6/1.  Should they decide to continue with the series, we will host a qualifying tournament in late June (city permitting) to determine bids.  More details on that will come in a few weeks.

The board plans to take the time between now and the June board meeting to layout what that tournament would look like and what a fall season would be.  We plan to discuss rules changes, social distancing requirements (if needed), refunds for those who do not wish to play and a variety of other issues.

The board election will continue, but on a slightly altered timeline.  Nominations are now extended to June 30th.  The election itself will be conducted online through Election Buddy during the last two weeks of July.  If you want to get involved in how this league is run, please submit your nomination to

Finally, if you have questions or concerns, please reach out to me.  I know this is not what a lot of us wanted.  We all miss our softball Sundays, our teams, and even our practices.  The board felt like this was the most responsible action to take for the safety of our members and wished to respect the input provided in the survey from all of you.  We hope to see you all back on the field with us in September (or late June).

Mark Fiorello

Commissioner PSSA



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PSSA Mission Statement

Pegasus Slowpitch Softball Association is a Dallas based non profit organization dedicated to the promotion of quality amateur softball of all levels of play for persons of any race, creed, religion, sex or national origin, without prejudice, and with special emphasis placed on the participation of members of the gay community. The goal of the league is to provide a sports outlet for individuals as a means to meet like-minded people, improve their athletic abilities, promote good sportsmanship and organize and promote participation by its' members in social, cultural and charitable activities as may serve our community. We are committed to continued growth of our league, not only in number, but also in striving to give back to our community.