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    2018 PSSA Spring Schedule -Updated 5/22/2018

    Please find the updated schedule for the remaining  3 weeks of the 2018 PSSA Season below!

    • June 3rd – The times of games and fields have not changed, but Green Sox/Dive C will now be a Standings Game and their Exhibition Game will be play on June 17th.
    • June 10th- The games that were rained out 5/20/18 will be played on June 10th, but the Exhibition Game for Devils/Dirty Dawgs C will be moved to June 17th and the Dirty Dawgs C/Talons C game will be moved up to June 10th.  Changes are noted in red font.
    • June 17th – Kiest is not available to PSSA. Games will be played at Softball World. The limited schedule of games that was scheduled on June 10th is moved to June 17th at Softball World with the exceptions noted above.



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    PSSA Mission Statement

    Pegasus Slowpitch Softball Association is a Dallas based non profit organization dedicated to the promotion of quality amateur softball of all levels of play for persons of any race, creed, religion, sex or national origin, without prejudice, and with special emphasis placed on the participation of members of the gay community. The goal of the league is to provide a sports outlet for individuals as a means to meet like-minded people, improve their athletic abilities, promote good sportsmanship and organize and promote participation by its' members in social, cultural and charitable activities as may serve our community. We are committed to continued growth of our league, not only in number, but also in striving to give back to our community.