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Recognition Awards

NAGAAA Hall of Fame Inductees

Year Name
2015 Scott Filimon
2014 Johnny Russell
2014 Greg Smith
2006 Matt Miller
2003 Bill Smith

PSSA Hall of Fame Inductees - 2016

David Smith
David Walker*
Ryan Holdhusen

PSSA Hall of Fame Inductees - 2015

Roger B.
Mark Fiorello
Korey Knoble
David Mack
Christopher Vogel

PSSA Hall of Fame Inductees - 2014

Ron Butler
Chris Williams

PSSA Hall of Fame Inductees - 2013

Jesse Baker
Charlie Burrow
Marty Taylor

PSSA Hall of Fame Inductees - 2012

Scott Dye
Max Falagan
Ben Johnston

PSSA Hall of Fame Inductees - 2010

Debra Jean Lowrey
Charles Urich
Alvoy Wright

PSSA Hall of Fame Inductees - 2009

Johnny Russell

PSSA Hall of Fame Inductees - 2008

Anthony Martinez

PSSA Hall of Fame Inductees - 2007

Kathy Hall

PSSA Hall of Fame Inductees - 2006

John Gordon

PSSA Hall of Fame Inductees - 2004

David Barton*
Vincent Biggers
Clark Cantrell
Ron Hall
Scott Filimon
Steve Tracy*
Bill Phar
Jerry Wells*
Mark Frazier
Ken Gray*
Matt Miller
Greg Smith*
Patrick Phelan
Jason Ondeck
* deceased

PSSA Hall of Fame Inductees - 2003

Bill Smith
Jerry Clark
Tom Cline*
Eugene Cross
Michael Doughman
Tim Edington
Tom Graveman
Leon Miller*
Ronnie Patton
Jerry Strittmatter*
Greg Wallace
* deceased

Greg Smith Spirit Award Recipient

Name Year
2016 Donnie Sawyer
2015 Ryan Holdhusen
2014 Debra Jean Lowrey
2013 Mark Keerbs
2012 Matt Miller

PEGI Award Recipient

Name Year
2011 Reggie Markham
2010 Mark Fiorello
2009 Johnny Russell
2008 Billy Stover
2007 Greg Smith
2005 Scott Filimon
2004 Kathy Hall
2003 Ron Hall
2002 Kathy Hall
2001 Ron Hall

NAGAAA World Series Results

Year Place Division Team -Host City
2014 3rd B Dallas Woody's X-Plosion -Dallas
2014 4th C Dallas Woody's Wreckin' Crew -Dallas
2013 4th B Dallas Woody's X-Plosion -Washington DC
2010 1st B Uptown Vision TKO -Columbus
2010 2nd C Round Up Fuse -Columbus
2010 2nd D Dallas Thunder -Columbus
2009 4th B Uptown Vision TKO -Milwaukee
2008 1st C Woody's X-Plosion -Seattle
2007 4th C Mickey's Devil Dogs -Phoenix
2006 4th D Bullets -Ft. Lauderdale
2006 3rd C Texas Toast -Ft. Lauderdale
2004 4th D Roughriders -Dallas
2003 4th D Angelboys -Washington
2003 4th A TMC Fuel -Washington
2002 4th B Dallas Bandits -Portland
2001 2nd C Hidden Door Poison -San Francisco
1998 1st B Dallas Sting -Atlanta
1994 1st C JR's -Nashville
1993 2nd B Hidden Door -Philadelphia
1986 2nd NA Patrick's -New York City

Switch Hitter's Ball Winners

Year Winner
2016 Round Up Diesel
2015 JR's Texas Heat
2014 JR's Texas Heat
2013 Dallas Woody's Wreckin' Crew
2012 Dallas Woody's Wreckin' Crew
2011 Dallas Woody's Wreckin' Crew
2010 Round Up Diesel
2009 Round Up Diesel
2008 Evolution
2007 Evolution
2006 Mickey's Dallas Lightning
2005 Bud Light Texas Toast
2004 Bud Light Texas Toast
2003 Bud Light Texas Toast
2002 Bud Light Texas Toast
2001 Woody's
2000 Dallas Mosquitoes
1999 Moby Dick's
1998 Trucker's
1997 Pride Mortgage Sharks
1996 Hidden Door
1995 Moby Dick's
1994 White Rock Community Church
1993 Hunky's
1992 Hunky's
1991 Hunky's
1990 Dallas Voice
1989 Hunky's
1988 Hunky's
1987 Hunky's
1986 Hunky's