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2016 PSSA Spring League Recruitment Contest

In an attempt to grow our league to 35 or more teams for the 2016 season, PSSA is sponsoring a recruitment contest amongst our members.  

How the contest works

New and returning members (members who were not on a roster in 2015) will have the opportunity to enter the name of a person who recruited/referred them to PSSA when they register (on line) for the 2016 spring PSSA season.  The eligible PSSA member credited with the new recruit will earn one point for their 2016 PSSA spring league team.  The team with the most credited new or returning players will win their choice of a 2016 DeMarini Legacy (balanced) or a 2016 DeMarini Future (end loaded) bat for their team (value $299).

Contest Rules

1) All PSSA members and 2016 teams in good standing are eligible for this contest, with the exception of current members of the PSSA Board of Directors.

2) All teams registered and paid in full by final roster submission cutoff date of April 1, 2016 are eligible for this contest, including teams with a current PSSA Board of Directors member on the roster. The winner will be verified and announced at the April PSSA board meeting, by email to the team manager, and on the PSSA Facebook page.

3) New members who have contacted the league (via recruitment efforts and 2015 Fall Ball participation) with interest to play on or before January 8, 2016 are not eligible to be counted towards a team's total. A list of “ineligible new players” can be requested from Ryan Holdhusen, Recruitment Coordinator, at any time.

4) New recruits or returning players MUST list the name of the PSSA member that recruited them, upon registering for PSSA spring season registration (in the designated, mandatory field). If the new or returning player does not list a person who recruited them, no team will receive credit for that player. No exceptions.

5) Past PSSA members returning to the league are eligible to be counted as “new recruits” towards a team total only if they were not on a PSSA roster at any time during 2015.

6) Recruited players do not have to be on the same team/roster of the person that recruited them to PSSA. Only the team of the recruiting player will be credited with the new recruit.

7) New or returning players can either play in the competitive or recreational division.

8) In the event of a tie, a random drawing will take place to determine the one grand prize winner.

9) The grand prize will be delivered to the coach or manager of the winning team within 30 days of the start of the 2016 PSSA season.  In the event of supplier delay (shipping time/inventory in stock), PSSA will work with the winning team to find a suitable option.

10) There will be no substitutions for the grand prize. One of the two offered DeMarini bats must be selected (bat weight will be as requested by the winning team).


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PSSA Mission Statement

Pegasus Slowpitch Softball Association is a Dallas based non profit organization dedicated to the promotion of quality amateur softball of all levels of play for persons of any race, creed, religion, sex or national origin, without prejudice, and with special emphasis placed on the participation of members of the gay community. The goal of the League is to provide a sports outlet for individuals as a means to meet like-minded people, improve their athletic abilities, promote good sportsmanship and organize and promote participation by its' members in social, cultural and charitable activities as may serve our community. We are committed to continued growth of our League, not only in number, but also in striving to give back to our community.