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Board of Directors Duties

 Which Positions are Available?

The term of each office shall coincide with the League’s fiscal calendar.  Officers shall serve for a term of two (2) consecutive years on an alternating basis, herein provided, until the appropriate date as previously prescribed and until successors are qualified and elected, unless such Officer shall sooner resign or be removed.  Elections will be held in:

Even years for:  (2016, 2018)

  • Assistant Commissioner
  • Treasurer
  • Activities Coordinator
  • Recruitment Coordinator
  • Sponsorship Coordinator

Odd years for:  (2015, 2017)

  • Commissioner
  • Secretary
  • Competition Coordinator
  • Public Relations Coordinator

What are the duties of a Board Member?


The Commissioner shall serve as a non-voting member of the Board with the exception of breaking a tied vote. The general duties of the Commissioner include, but are not limited to:

  1. Presiding at all formal meetings of the Board or the general membership, appointing a Parliamentarian to serve at all formal meetings and making final rulings on procedure, as necessary.
  2. Submitting final ruling on interpretation and intent of PSSA By-laws and the League Rules and Regulations, if necessary, after following PSSA grievance process  as set forth in Article IX, Section 9.06.03 of these By-laws.
  3. Overseeing all day-to-day functions of the League.
  4. Serving as non-voting Board liaison to the Ethics Committee.
  5. Responsible for all facets of the league rating system and ensuring ratings guidelines are followed based on that process.
  6. Appointing, with Board approval, the Chair and committee members of the Ratings Committee.  The Commissioner will serve as a non-voting Board liaison to the committee.  In the event no recommended appointee is approved or is willing to assume the responsibility of Chair, the Commissioner may serve as Chair of the committee and would only vote in the event of a tie.
  7. Serving on the Beat the Heat committee as Ratings Chair for the tournament.
  8. Serving as Chair for the Coaches/Managers’ Council or appointing a Chair, with  Board approval, if deemed appropriate.
  9. Serving as the official NAGAAA representative for PSSA and providing all documents necessary to maintain membership in good standing with that organization.
  10. Being responsible for maintaining PSSA non-profit status with the State of Texas.
  11. Serving as Board liaison to the Hall of Fame Committee and verifying information needed to process applications submitted to the Hall of Fame Committee to consider for induction.

Assistant Commissioner

The general duties of the Assistant Commissioner include, but are not limited to:

  1. Performing all duties and exercising all powers of the Commissioner during the Commissioner’s absence or in the event the Commissioner should become unable to perform his duties.
  2. Becoming the acting Commissioner should the Commissioner resign or be removed from office.
  3. Securing game balls and playing fields, setting the League playing schedule and coordinating the scheduling of umpires and scorekeepers for League and tournament play.
  4. Working with Competition Coordinator for reserving fields and scheduling Umpires Scorekeepers and obtaining game balls for Fall Ball.
  5. Overseeing all aspects of any tournaments / tournament committees authorized by the Board including, but not limited to, Beat the Heat and End of Season Tournament.
  6. Scheduling player clinics, working with all parties involved including, but not limited to, the Recruitment Coordinator, Ratings Chair and all facilitators for the clinics.


 The general duties of the Secretary include, but are not limited to:

  1. Maintaining minutes of all meetings of the Board and the League membership, as  well as attending and maintaining minutes for the Coaches/Managers’ Council as a  non-voting member.  In the event the Secretary is serving as representative to the Coaches/Managers Council for their team, they would be allowed one (1) vote.
  2. Maintaining a current list of League members, their contact information and membership status.
  3. Serving as non-voting Board liaison to the Election Committee.
  4. Maintaining records of membership participation at league games to substantiate eligibility to play in the End of League tournament and the GSWS.
  5. Maintaining records of team/membership participation in designated fundraising events to substantiate eligibility to receive any funds distributed by the League to those teams that have been allotted berths to participate in the GSWS.
  6. Serving as non-voting Board liaison to the History Committee and assisting maintaining information needed to record the ongoing history of the league, the  Memorial plaque and the website.
  7. Serving on the Beat the Heat committee as Secretary, helping to collect required documentation from teams and players and running registration.


The general duties of the Treasurer include, but are not limited to:

  1. Accounting monthly for all dues and moneys collected and disbursed by the League.
  2. Maintaining the day-to-day financial operations of the League; maintaining custody of all League checkbook(s), making deposits, disbursing funds to pay contractual obligations and expenses of the League and having charge over all general financial affairs of the League.
  3. Collecting and rectifying all money that is paid to the League including, but not limited to, team and individual membership fees.
  4. Assuring the League has submitted all documentation and fees necessary to maintain League affiliations and memberships, League insurance policies as well as any federal and state required tax filings.
  5. Developing an annual budget to present for approval to the Board and League membership.
  6. Serving on the Beat the Heat committee as Treasurer, collecting all funds from teams and sponsors and performing all related accounting needs.

Activities Coordinator

The general duties of the Activities Coordinator shall include, but are not limited to:

  1. Organizing and overseeing all League fundraising events, including, but not limited to, Uniform Night, Miss PSSA Pageant and PSSA Switch-Hitter’s Ball including, but not limited to, obtaining event venues, judges, Master of Ceremonies, advertising, awards and participants as well as developing and distributing guidelines for each event.
  2. Serving as Board liaison and serving, or appointing with Board approval, as Chair for all Ad Hoc Standing Committees formed regarding additional League activities scheduled including, but not limited to, any other social, fundraiser or charity events.
  3. Overseeing and obtaining venue and awards for the Annual EOS Awards Banquet as well as any other applicable needs required for the event.
  4. Serving as chair of the Gay Pride Parade Committee, ensuring entry and overseeing PSSA participation.
  5. Serving on the Beat the Heat committee as Events chair, responsible for coordinating all events and running the Awards presentation.

Competition Coordinator

The general duties of the Competition Coordinator shall include, but are not limited to:

  1. Obtaining playing equipment and field supplies including, but not limited to, line-up cards, scorebooks, etc., if necessary and assuring supplies (including game balls) are available at the fields for all scheduled play.
  2. Obtaining game scores at the end of play, determining team standings and providing them to the designated parties by their respective deadlines.
  3. Being responsible for obtaining a current set of By-laws, PSSA Rules & Regulations, blank required league forms including, but not limited to, rosters and accompanying documents and insurance claims and ensuring they are at the fields during all scheduled play.
  4. Serving on the Beat the Heat Committee as Assistant Tournament Director.
  5. Serving as Chair for the Fall Ball Committee and overseeing and organizing Fall Ball competition including, but not limited to, game schedule, awards and jerseys as deemed necessary, while coordinating with Assistant Commissioner and Recruitment Coordinator.

Public Relations Coordinator

The general duties of the Public Relations Coordinator shall include, but are not limited to:

  1. Maintaining and updating league web site, including standings, calendar, events and fundraisers.
  2. Securing and placing all league advertising in coordination with Recruitment and Activities, including press releases and all commercial advertising.
  3. Running all league social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), with regular updates in coordination with Assistant Commissioner, Activities, Recruitment, Sponsorship and Competition.
  4. Serving on the Beat the Heat committee as PR Chair, running the website for the tournament and coordinating social media pages for the tournament.

Recruitment Coordinator

 The general duties of the Recruitment Coordinator shall include, but are not limited to:

  1. Overseeing and organizing player recruitment events and clinics to assist In the placement of new players and players with no team affiliation.
  2. Assisting in recruiting players for PSSA at all levels of play for both Spring and Fall seasons.
  3. Serve on the Beat the Heat committee as Recruitment & Volunteer Chair, responsible for attracting teams to participate in the tournament via ongoing outreach and recruitment efforts, as well as organizing and attracting volunteers to help with the operation of the tournament.
  4. Serving on Gay Pride Parade Committee and effectively using the parade as a recruitment tool.

Sponsorship Coordinator

The general duties of the Sponsorship Coordinator shall include, but are not limited to:

  1. Developing a sponsorship package for presentation to potential League sponsors.
  2. Contacting potential sponsors and soliciting funding for League expenses or sponsorship of designated activities.
  3. Developing and maintaining relations with existing sponsors and fulfilling commitments to sponsors granted by their chosen sponsorship level including, but not limited to, scheduling Extra Innings, banners or advertising.
  4. Oversee all aspects of Extra Innings scheduling for both spring and fall seasons, coordinating with bars and teams to schedule the events in conjunction with the league schedule.
  5. Aid teams in finding sponsors to help support teams and expand the league, building and maintaining relationships with local sponsors.
  6. Serve on the Beat the Heat committee as Sponsorship chair, responsible for al sponsorship aspects of the tournament (including but not limited to bar sponsorships, local businesses, registration bags, and event locations), and working in coordination with the Events chair for satisfying all sponsorship details.

Am I eligible to become a PSSA Board Member?

Candidates for the Board of Directors of PSSA must:

  1. Have been an active member of PSSA for a minimum of one (1) year as set forth in Article IV, Section 4.01 of the By-laws.
  2. Be a current PSSA League member in good standing as set forth in Article IV, Section 4.02 of the By-laws.
  3. For the Executive Officer positions of Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, Treasurer and Secretary, the candidate must meet the minimum qualifications:
  • Commissioner - Must have served one full fiscal year on the PSSA Board of Directors or as Ratings Committee Chair.
  • Assistant Commissioner - Must have previous experience related to contract negotiation and administration.
  • Treasurer - Previous verifiable accounting and/or bookkeeping experience (including budget development and knowledge of building & maintaining spreadsheets).
  • Secretary - Previous experience related to parliamentary rules of order, excellent organizational and written/verbal communication skills, basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel software.

In the event a current Board member chooses to seek an office other than their present position, the Board member shall resign their current position in order to submit their name for candidacy.  The resulting vacancy will then be placed on the ballot for election of a candidate to fulfill the remaining term left on the vacated position.       

What is the election process?

Candidates for the Board of Directors of PSSA may:

  1. Submit their name for consideration.
  2. Be nominated by other League members in good standing.
  3. Write in candidates will be allowed, but votes will only count if the candidate is determined to be eligible by the Elections Chair and the candidate agrees to accept the position should they win the vote.

Nominations shall be accepted by the Elections Chair only and must be submitted in writing (e-mail or otherwise).    Please complete the Board Candidate Biography Form (found below) and submit directly to the Elections Chair at


As each candidate declares his/her intent to run, the Elections Chair will post the candidates name on Candidates Page on PSSA website. The Elections Committee shall convene as soon as practical thereafter to review biographies and consider qualifications of nominees.  If the candidate is deemed ineligible the candidate will be sent explanation of the EC decision and name will be removed from Candidates page. During this review period, the committee may request to meet with nominees as deemed necessary to expedite the review process.  Committee shall consider qualifications of nominees based upon qualifications outlined above and the Election rules.


Ben Johnston

Elections Chair

Phone: Email: